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Albino Penis Envy Mushroom Spores Syringe


These spores are from a hybrid of the Penis Envy strain. This dense and potent mushroom is in an advanced category of psilocybe cubensis spores. It features a fat/stunted stem that develops unlike its counterparts. When damaged, it will bruise a blue/grey color. The mushroom resembles the male reproductive organ at maturity.

Amazonian Mushroom Spores Syringe


These spores come from a high-performing strain of Pacifica Exotica Spora. The dense fruit features a cap in proportion to its stem, with a slightly nippled cap. When damaged, the stem will turn a blue/grey color.

B+ Mushroom Spores Syringe


This high-performing strain is well known for its growth size. B+ Cubensis Mushroom Spores will yield a versatile fruiting body that can grow in a wide range of temperatures and substrates. Cultivators say this strain produces a large cap that is caramel colored. It features a thick stem and drops a very thick veil.

Blue Meanie Mushroom Spores Syringe


The Blue Meanie magic mushrooms are a coveted cubensis strain, originating from southeastern Australia. This is a high-potency cubensis strain that gets its name from the blue bruising that appears when touching the fruiting body.

Burma Mushroom Spores Syringe


The Burma cubensis has rapidly become one of the front runners of many researchers. This strain is very hardy with a higher potency also. With big, substantive fruits, the quick colonization of these spores leads to the specimen burgeoning in larger collections. This mushroom is essential for your collection of mushroom spores.

Cambodian Mushroom Spores Syringe


The Cambodian Gold Mushroom species naturally is known to manage heat second to no other strain. This type of strain is extremely resilient and an ideal strain for both starter and advanced microscopists alike.

Creeper Mushroom Spores Syringe


The Creeper mushroom is a quickly colonizing psilocybe cubensis strain that is ideal for researching. Creeper mushrooms cap size is proportional to their stem. It varies in its potency. Its stem is going to turn grayish/blue if damaged.

Equador Mushroom Spores Syringe


This mushroom strain was discovered in high altitudes, in the Andean region of Ecuador. Ecuador mushrooms will produce medium to large sized fruits. It features a long and thick meaty stalk with caramel caps. This international favorite remains popular due to its dark colored spores and consistent flushes. This is an ideal strain to study for biologists and mycologists.

Fiji Island Mushroom Spores Syringe


From the South Pacific Islands of Fiji, the Fiji mushroom strain is medium-sized in the wild. This is a beautiful mushroom when grown fully and observed naturally on the islands. The psilocybin spores will differ slightly from most others when viewed under a microscope.

Golden Teacher Mushroom Spores Syringe


Our Golden Teacher mushroom spore syringe is a top seller online. This psilocybin spore strain got its name due to its medium to large sized caps that feature a golden color when mature. Easy to grow, producing large flushes with yellow-shaded long-winding stems. The Golden Teacher liquid culture belongs to a beginner strain for anyone exploring the Golden Teachers grow kit.

Huautla Mushroom Spores Syringe


Better Mushroom Spores is extremely excited to offer the Huautla Mushroom, one of the most sought after psilocybe cubenesis magic mushrooms ever! Originating near the Mexican city of Oaxaca, Huautla is a favorite of amateurs and professionals alike!

Jack Frost Mushroom Spores Syringe


These mushrooms are considered a cross strain, or hybrid mushroom strain. Jack Frost Mushroom strain is a cross strain between the Albino Penis Envy strain and the True Albino Teacher (TAT) Melmac variety.

Jedi Mind Fuck Mushroom Spores Syringe


Jedi Mind Fuck mushrooms are highly popular! It’s recommended to get your Jedi Mind Fuck mushrooms spores now while they are still in stock. This strain is great for advanced microscopy studies as it is a fast colonizer.

Koh Super Strain Mushroom Spores Syringe


KSSS mushrooms spores is one of our most popular spores! The KOH, also known as KSSS or KSSS mushroom strain, originates in Thailand. This potent strain is sought-after for its large caps and thick stems. KSSS is a great addition to any spore tester’s collection!

Luminous Lucies Mushroom Spores Syringe


This psilocybe cubensis mushroom strain is known for its intense visual effects in natural environments. The Lucy strain is extremely popular in the microscopy community, so make sure to buy your spore syringes quickly before they sell out!