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State Licensed For Recreational & Medicinal Psilocybin Research


We’ll talk about psilocybin spore kits (often marketed as magic mushroom grow kits) in this article and why some or all of the United States may have laws against them. These kind of cottage companies are sure to emerge as psilocybin acceptability rises and more people learn about its many advantages. And they have emerged. We’ve noticed a huge increase in sellers of psilocybin spore kits in recent months. We wanted to offer a resource that clarifies what might or, more importantly, what might not be lawful in your country as a courtesy to our devoted audience. It’s crucial to understand that everything we provide for sale at Better Mushroom Spores is authorized. We cannot and will not send to California, Idaho, or Georgia because psilocybin spore syringes are completely legal in all other states, save for those three. This article will go into detail about psilocybin spore kits’ legality.

We Will Discuss These Psilocybin Spore Kit Topics In This Better Mushroom Spores Resource!

  • The functions of psilocybin spore kits and what they normally contain.
  • Why some legal experts think magic mushroom grow kits might be illegal in some places.
  • Why do so many online merchants sell mushroom growing kits if they’re potentially illegal?
  • The obvious distinction between purchasing spore kits and purchasing spore syringes.
  • How to use the spore syringes available from Better Mushroom Spores.
  • Why “all in one” psilocybin growth kits should rarely be purchased by amateur mycologists, microscopists, or other researchers instead of spore syringes or spore prints.

Please consult some of our other information on the legal status of psilocybin spores and so-called magic mushrooms by state and the reasons why they are legal if you are unfamiliar with the current laws surrounding them (the spores, not the mature fungi). Let’s start with some definitions since having a clear understanding is essential whenever a topic like this is discussed.


Where psilocybin mushrooms are allowed in the U.S., magic mushroom grow kits normally include all the supplies a person needs to cultivate the mushrooms. Although the quality and content of kits can differ, they typically all include a magic mushroom grow box, a bag for colonizing mycelium, and other necessary items. A few kits also include extras like sterility-improving gloves, face masks, and disinfectant. To reduce the risk of airborne pollutants, a clean working environment is necessary in growing mushrooms of any kind, including cubensis. A psilocybin spore kit will also contain spores, typically in a syringe, as the name suggests. Even in states where spores are now lawful, legal considerations come into play in this situation.

What Are The Differences Between A Psilocybin Spore Kit And A Psilocybin Spore Syringe Or Spore Print?

As was already said, magic mushroom spore kits come with everything needed for growth. Both spore prints and spore syringes will be covered. A syringe with mushroom spores inside is called a spore syringe. They could be Psilocybe cubensis spores or spores from almost any other variety of mushroom, including gourmet and medicinal varieties. These spores are suspended in a distilled water-based non-nutritive liquid solution. A non-nutrient suspension solution must be present in a spore syringe since the presence of nutrients could induce the spores to mature and begin to form mycelium. Make sure there are no nutrients available for any form of magic mushroom spores because psilocybin, which is prohibited in the United States, is contained in the mycelium of a cubensis fungus and the fruiting body. Why would someone buy syringes that contain all of these components? Numerous mycologists, microscopists, and other researchers are keen to learn more about these fungi, particularly while they are in the spore stage. For those interested in taxonomy, magic mushrooms come in a wide range of strains. Despite the fact that they are all Psilocybe cubensis species, there are some variances among the various strains. We reserve the right to deny service to anyone at the Better Mushroom Spores because these are not intended for cultivation.

Psilocybin Research For Your Health!


We advise just buying your spores in syringe format because Better Mushroom Spores’ customers are actual researchers. We advise buying supplies separately if you also want to cultivate edible, medicinal, or ornamental mushrooms (all of which are legal varieties). When trying to purchase “all-in-one” packages, the risks outweigh the benefits. We aim to steer clear of any of these potential problems in any of our legitimate mycology and microscopy communities.

Why Some Legal Professionals Think That Magic Mushroom Grow Kits Might Be Against The Law

So why do some legal professionals think magic mushroom grow kits might be against the law? The Controlled Substance Act, which lists psilocybin as a Schedule I substance, is a good place to start. The Act also specifies other restrictions, such as the prohibition on the sale of drug paraphernalia, which might apply to a magic mushroom grow kit. Interestingly, because mushroom growing kits are completely legal, getting rid of the “magic” label from magic mushrooms might prevent any legal issues. Additionally, it is unlawful to “try to plot” to violate any Controlled Substance Act regulations. It is also unlawful to “aid and abet” a crime, which a magic mushroom merchant might be doing with mushroom growing kits. This law has nothing to do with this Act. How then do online retailers keep making magic mushroom kits? Check out the section below now!

Why Do So Many Vendors Get Away With Selling Magic Mushroom Starter Kits?

Several factors allow a lot of vendors who sell magic mushroom grow kits to do so as the kit either doesn’t contain any spores at all or exclusively contains spores from fungus that don’t contain psilocybin (such as, say, pearl oyster spores). These products fall into a murky “technically lawful” region even though the branding and implied use of the product would suggest magic mushroom farming. On the basis of the Controlled Substances Act, however, some legal professionals might differ.

The kit is just a mushroom growing kit; it doesn’t include any branding or marketing that may suggest it could be used to grow psilocybin-containing mushrooms. The buyer is under absolutely no risk in this scenario. Major merchants can even carry mushroom cultivation kits for amateur mycologists. The kits with the most danger will include psilocybin spores. Although the kits and psilocybin spores are lawful, it is possible that they will be used for growing magic mushrooms.


100% genuine magic mushroom spore syringes are available in our shop. Each syringe contains a complete dose of live and uncontaminated spores. Sadly, a lot of our clients have had negative experiences while trying to purchase from other suppliers. Change to Better Mushroom Spores right away!